Monday, June 25, 2012


Just finished! Behold the bearded Hulk!

Don't Forget Your Roots

Ah, H2O, they had some great anthems, but this isn't a time to reminisce about old bands. Old bands that one might have seen at the Lost Horizon in Syracuse. Nope! It isn't one of those times, but rather a time for me to go back to what got me started in this crazy upside-down world of carving superhero heads. It has been around a year and a half since I had first opened my little online shop on ETSY. I had started with a line of stained Batmans. I had loved the primitive look of them. Once I had gotten into painting my heads, I had completely forgotten what I had originally loved about my first pieces. Rustic, simple, different. I just had to look back to H2O and remember to not forget my roots. I am going to be painting one more piece, my mighty bearded Hulk.( I am putting the final touches on it now.) After this I will be working on doing some stained pieces, but not just Batman. I am finishing a small Supermen that I am thinking will look great stained. I am also starting a HUGE piece. More on that later. For now enjoy my new/old Batman.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Work In Progress

I think it is time to post some of a couple of projects that I am in the middle of right now. The first was something I had wanted to do after reading the first couple of issues of this book. I no longer read this book due to the simple reason that it went so far downhill after the artist change at issue #4. It still does not tarnish the image of one of the greatest warriors in the Marvel Universe: The Hulk! Oh, but not just any old ordinary Hulk. No, no. This is one Hulk that is truly a stand-up-and-take-notice Hulk. Behold the Bearded Hulk!!!!
The other piece that I am working on is one that I swore I would never attempt again. It is a huge honkin' Hellboy. It is a difficult one to work on, but the payoff is so gratifying. I had found a piece of cherry wood and thought it would be perfect for the big red guy. I am also planning on not painting this one, but rather staining so that the cherry wood will really stand out.
Well, that isn't all I have in progress, but rather the things that I am super effing stoked about.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


This post is a semi-plug for my overly talented wife. She has been a painter for quite awhile now and just recentley did a painting based on one of my kids' Batman Halloween mask. Enjoy!!!
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