Sunday, September 9, 2012


This post has nothing to do with wood but rather another part of my life that I take seriously, cycling. By cycling, I mean riding around. I am not meaning wearing spandex and going full bore like a crazy person trying to get a good burn. However you look at cycling there is one constant, helmets. I am such a supporter of wearing helmets and this leads me to a consistent pet peeve of mine.
How many times do we see a family riding down the street and only the kids are wearing helmets? At what point do you find yourself too cool to avoid brain damage? I find it hard to believe that you would tell your child that they would have to wear a helmet while you would not even think to do so yourself. Have we become so vain that we would rather not look "nerdy" to our friends? Most bicycle deaths can be related to not wearing a helmet. In 2009, 91 percent of bicycle deaths were of people not wearing a helmet. I am sure that your children would rather have you around than know that you didn't look like a dork when you got into an accident.
Can we put aside trying to look good for people we know, and instead focus on being safe for our own family?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Plactic Man Done

I finished him up yesterday and am wicked happy with how it turned out. Here is a picture. He will be available for purchase as well!