Thursday, September 29, 2016

I suck

So, wow, it's been a while. I have been thinking of re-branding myself and I think it starts here.Yes, here at my blog. The exact thing that I have neglected for years, but let's be honest, I have been neglecting most everything with my brand for years. I have had a great idea and have not "taken advantage" of it for a long time. That is a B.S. way of saying I have not handled my shit well. Like anyone, I am always looking for ways to improve myself. The unfortunate reality is that some traits are inherent. I work better under deadlines, or duress. I feel that that is when my creativity is running at it's optimal level. These are qualities that can be looked at as a positive, but I view them as negative. I wish I had the drive to finish things before I needed to. I wish I didn't have to explain why things weren't done. Which brings me to the "re-branding". I am hoping to change the way I do things and get them back to the original idea that I had (plus a few changes). I a\was always looking to do "limited runs" of characters. For pieces like Batman, I kow that this isn't a reality. However for pieces like the charaters from Sandman I am looking to do a limited run of only 10 pieces. This is simply because there are too many characters to try and wrap my head around. Also, this makes the collectibility a little bit higher. This does not in any way change how I feel about commission work. I am always open for doing whatever!!!! In addition, I am also starting an art video podcast with a friend of mine, where we will be discussing a comic from our past that has influnced us. I will be doing a carving from that particuar series and my friend, Matt Terry will be painting it as we discuss our feelings about the book. This is an exciting time for me and cannot wait to have a local Charlotte artist paint my carvings. I always hoped that I could carve superhero "blanks" and see what local artists could do with them. I have a renewed sense with my pieces and am ready to get started on new horizons. Also I have a great story idea that I am fleshing out so Jason Latour, Watch out!! I hope you will be doing the art on MY Book.