Friday, February 18, 2011

Stupid Sickness

Well, I have not done anything in a week. I guess I can't say "anything", I have had the pleasure of going to work each day. I just haven't had the opportunity to do any carving or painting this week due to a sickness that I just can't shake. Today I was told that I have two ear infections and a sinus infection. Blech! I took this super medication and will hopefully be back to creating tomorrow. It isn't so bad though, I can't hear fricking anything. I guess it might be considered a blessing having two kids that won't ever be quiet. I do need to get better in order to get some guys completed for my All Arts Market coming up in a couple of weeks. I have ten guys done and would like to have over twenty. I will have my little hands movin' in the coming days. I thought I might post a picture of what my workspace looks like before I get started to carve.

These are the tools of the trade. Coffee, prescription medication, and knives. It is a calming combination of tools. They all need to be used, if taken only in a pair, the effects can be dangerous. These will hopefully all be part of my day tomorrow, but for now I must go to sleep.

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