Friday, November 4, 2011

Scan Time

Scan Time. A wonderful time of the year. Tomorrow we will be heading to the Scandinavian Festival here in Charlotte and we will begin our preparations for our 2nd annual Viking party here at our house. We will be having games, meat,and mead. I had wanted to do more of a traditional food course, but I am not exactly sure how to ferment shark meat. Oh well, I can research it for next year. I am also excited to say that this year we will be having a costume contest and I have made a special trophy for the event. I have carved a Thor that we will put the name of the winner on the back and continue to do so year after year. I am sorry to say that the winner will only be able to take pictures with the carving. I am way too close to it to let it go out of the house. It is the first one that I have done that I do not want to part with.
Also in honor of our 2 weeks of Scandinavian fun, I would like to post a picture that sums up why I love comic books. This picture is from a writer (Garth Ennis) and artist(Glenn Fabry) that I have enjoyed for years. The panel shows just how goofy superheroes can be, and how difficult it is to take them seriously sometimes. It is from the mini series Thor Vikings, and shows just how much influence cable t.v. has on a Norse God.

Rock on, Thor dude!

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