Sunday, February 19, 2012


Some people have book clubs while others sit around and talk about sports. Those who read comics need to talk with others about what they are reading. It is law. I was reading books without having anyone to talk to about what I was loving or hating. While I love reading comics, it felt empty. I am drawn to discussion with friends about fictional characters. For this exact reason, when I got a call from my furry friend in Chicago to start a podcast about comics, I needed to jump on it.

How do you know if this podcast is worth listening to? You need to ask yourself if you like listening to four guys talk about comic reviews and upcoming movies. Do you like soup? Have you ever wondered what is your best course of action when confronted with a gamma-radiated monkey? Is there such a thing as a space-cowboy? (Obviously there is. It's the bad-ass from Fear Agent!) Do you like talking about gardening? The latest developments in the Vampire/Vampyre genre? Norwegian Meat Metal?

If you answered yes to at least one of these, then the I Kick Your Face Comicast is perfect for you!!! Please do yourself, and ourselves, a favor and check it out. I am more than 26% sure that you will not be dissappointed for 11% of the hour long show.

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  1. Awesome. it's a joy to do the cast with you every week. Thanks for being a part of it, my friend.