Friday, March 30, 2012

IT Guy

So the IT dude at my company made a remark to me the other day about how he hasn't seen very many new characters lately. After I explained to him how I had lost my whole marketing team,(my wife)and had to rely on myself to take over the Facebook responsibility. Definitely not my strong suit. On a side note, another one of the things on my "not-strong-suit-side"; drinking out of a Foster's oil can. For some reason it infuses my lungs with lager and I spend the whole night coughing. It is better to stick to the tall boys of Modelo.

Anyway, while I blame the world for my technology shortcomings and all of it's computer crap and crazy robot phones, I have come to realize that it really is all my fault. It is all my fault that I haven't been carving as much. I just haven't. the good thing is that I have gotten back into a groove. Here is one of my latest.
Now relax kids! This is 12 inches of web-tastic Spidey! As always, he is looking for a good home to protect!!

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