Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bad Comics

So today is Wednesday. A day typically filled with amazement and wonder. It is the summit of the week, a day closer to my weekly podcast with some buds, and of course, new comics. I will have to say that I only had one comic come out today that I had wanted to pick up. Pretty good for me. This means that I am not over-spending and that I have trimmed the fat off of my monthly read list.
This brings me to my point for today. We all have comics that we absolutely love and look forward to reading each month, but what about those comics that get pushed to the bottom of the "must-read" pile? Why are those comics still being purchased? I have no clear answer due to the fact that I have one of those books that I spend my money on every single month. I would be better of by saving that $3 or by throwing it out the window on the drive to the comic shop. My comic? Green Arrow. Just typing the name fills me with mixed emotions. Longing for the days when I enjoyed reading this title and now wanting to gouge my eyeballs out with a grapefruit spoon as I read the current issues.
So why do we as comic readers continue to put ourselves through this pain? Could it be that we actually like complaining about every single panel and scrutinizing every word? I like to think that we are stuck on how things used to be or that we don't want to miss it when it gets better. It is for all of these reasons that I continue on with the crappiest book on the market. Painful reading? Check. Hate the artwork and writing? Check. Missing the "glory days"? Check. Preparing for the dawning of a great run? To be honest,I do not care if it ever gets better. DC will be guaranteed my 3 bucks every month without fail. That is until they decide to cancel the book and then I can bitch about how the "MAN" got rid of the one character that I truly connected with.
What are the books that you read that you no longer enjoy? Don't be embarrassed, we all have them.

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  1. THOR! As you know, this comic is my Green Arrow book. But soon it will be relaunched and what's coming does look like the dawn of a great run. Hammers crossed.