Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Saga Gift

My wife sent me a picture of a package that I received in the mail today. Of course I couldn't see what the hell it was due to the crappiness of my phone. She informed me via smoke signal, that it was from Brian K. Vaughn. It held inside it's slightly worn and mishandled manila packaging, my winnings!!!! For those of you who are not aware of how or what I won, here is the quick rundown: Boy likes comic called Saga, Boy carve a figure of Marko, Boy send to creator, Boy shits pants when creator features Boy's carving in comic, Boy gets stuff sent to him from creator.
I carefully opened the package so as not to damage it just in case I want to frame the packge later. I carefully slid out the contents to reveal exactly what he said I would be receiving. It contained a shoestring(white), an expired pass to the Universal Studios Halloween event(expired), a signed kick-ass promo poster for the comic Saga, and a hard cover compy of his Doctor Stange graphic novel(en espanol) that had an incredible inscription on the inside.
I wanted to comment on how creators like Brian are why comics continue to be the best form of art or literature. The creators of these books are more times than not, like you and me. Everyday people that have found a passion to create and are so appreciative of those that support that passion. Thank you Brian for keeping comics not only just about spandex and massive breasts!

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