Monday, June 29, 2015

3 years?!?

Wow! Three whole years since the last blog. What does one talk about after a three year absence? Well, wood carved superhero heads, of course! I had taken some time off to recollect myself and "find" my voice again. I had decided in January to get back on the carving horse and got a table at this year's HeroesCon. In true Dan fashion, I had decided to keep telling myself that I had plenty of time to get ready so tomorrow would be a good time to start. And tomorrow came, and tomorrow came and..well, you get the idea. A month before is when I proverbially shit my pants and got to it. Well under a few sleep deprived nights I believe that I made some of my best pieces. I might not have had the sheer numbers of pieces that I would have hoped for, I had some of the best pieces that I had ever done. I rolled into Heroes with some new-found energy and it was a GREAT show. I met so many great people and sold pieces to people that seemed to be really into what I was doing. It definitely invigorated me. So much so, that it has brought me back here after a three year absence. I am going to attempt to continue on with the blog this time...TRY. I sometimes find it difficult to keep up with things like blogging or other avenues of self promotion, but I am really going to try. It might not be daily or weekly, but it should be more than every three years. It is a short entry, but it has been awhile. It is something that I have missed and look forward to doing more often. Pictures of HeroesCon will be up next!!!!

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