Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have gone through a few different phases to my "hobby" of reading comics. I started as a wee lad reading anything I could get my hands on. Cover. No cover. It didn't matter to me what condition they were in. It wasn't about monetary worth, but rather personal worth. The story was worth more to me than whatever change I could have gotten for trying to sell them.
I had stayed in this mind set for a few years,then the Spawn craze hit. I remember kids reading books with gloves on so as not to damage their precious comic. People also bought multiple copies of issues. Absolute insanity. I would love to see how many people still have those issues or are even reading comics anymore.
Then in my mid twenties it happened. I needed to read as much as possible. Grabbing issues of complete garbage. Dogs of War? Really? A book about samurai dogs. Good god, the shit I would get. I used to pride myself in the fact tht I could move apartments with only my Corrolla, them I had started to accumulate far too many long boxes of comics. Soon, it would be a badge of honor to see how many comics one had.
This brings me to an item that I had recently received. A Kindle Fire. This little gadget has the ability to turn into a high tech comic reader. It is with this that I am struggling with. I get the ease of digital comics. There is no longer a storage problem. Everything can be moved into a "cloud". Whatever the fuck that is. It also gives you the opprotunity to save the gas traveling too your local comic shop. I have to admit the digital doo-hickey is really cool. I truly love reading comics on it. What I don't like is that I like going to the comic shop. I like holding a folded piece of paper. I like smelling paper!
For now I am going to read both ways and try to keep each one happy. Time will tell.

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