Saturday, May 12, 2012


I have no updates on carvings today. I am still painting my Zuko and the last guy in the Wrecking Crew. After that, I am going to continue on my Hellboy. I had carved a Hellboy out of this paticular size peice of wood before and swore that I would not attempt it again. Apparently I have a short term memory. It is hard work to carve the shape of his head on such a short and wide peice of wood. For those that have not seen this red guy, here it is.
I am switching gears to movies. We had some lovely friends offer to have our three kids go over to their house while my wife and I went out to a matinee. I did not think that I would have been able to see The Avengers in the theater, but this was our chance. I could go on and on about how much I loved this movie. I did not picture liking the Hulk as much as I did. I was not surprised by how many shots there were of Black Widow's backside. It also nailed home that there would be no way in hell that I would live in New York in the Marvel universe. If you haven't seen the movie, please do!

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