Saturday, May 5, 2012

Free comic day

I had a nice day with the family today by hitting two different shops for the mighty Free Comic Day. The first stop was Heroes Aren't Hard to Find. Holy crap, it was a madhouse. We geeks love free shit! They had a great event going on. A group of well known comic artists were there to do book signings and to do sketches for the throngs of people. This is where I picked up my free books. I got Avengers, Atomic Robo(!!!!), and Peanuts. While all of those books are fantastic, the pick of the day was the hardcover anthology put out by Archaia Comics. This is the publisher that puts out the one of my favorite books, Mouse Guard. The stories is this book where phenomenal. The two that stuck out to me where Rust and Cow Boy. Oh,did I mention that they put out a small hardcover for FREE? Next stop was Rebel Base. The main reason for going to this shop was to visit a local artist whose work I really like. My kids seemed to think that we stopped there because they had an ice cream truck there. The artist I went to see was w0lly. He has a great style. I love artists that pick certian features on superheroes and over-accentuate them. Sam Keith is one of my favs at doing this. So that is another Free Comic Day in the books. I had a great time and really love the way that the shops are turning this day into an event.

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