Monday, July 23, 2012

Saga #5

Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Folks, it has happened! I am so excited and it has been killing me for days. I have been wanting to write this blog since last week, but according to a woman that I live with, one does not "blog" on the weekend. Apparently, no one reads blogs on Friday and Saturday night. I am assuming that this is due to people being out and about and not at home in front of their computer. I can find it difficult to think this way for the simple fact that on the weekend, that is exactly where I am.

Months ago I had posted a picture and explanation of a carving I did for the comic Saga by Brian K. Vaughn. It had taken months to hear back and it was completely worth it. I have been given the dubious honor of being the winner of some swag from the Almighty Prize Drawer!

The free stuff(which includes a white shoelace and an expired pass to a Halloween event at Universal Studios) is great and I will always cherish it, but it was the kid words that Mr. Vaughn had given me. First off he called me a sculptor. He then went on to call the carving "impossibly cool". It is times like this that keep one's creative juices going. It is always nice to get kind words from someone that you look up to.

While I am wicked pumped that this has happened to me, it would be even better if you checked it out for yourselves. That is Saga issue #5. You should be reading it anyway!

One last thing...I GOT PUBLISHED IN A COMIC BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. that's awesome, congratulations

  2. Uh, "a woman that I live with", I'm your wife. And very proud of you!

  3. Wow! Major props Dan, that's awesome news! I think it's every artist dream to be published but, in a comic book... It doesn't get any better than that bro. Congrats!