Saturday, July 28, 2012

John, I hardly knew ya

I am staring at loads of unfinished projects. Wood to be carved and carved wood to be painted. Why have I been idle? It is all do to being reunited with an old flame. I have fallen again for a man that I previously had a monthly relationship with. Here is a picture of him.

Yep. My main man John Constantine. For some strange reason, I had stopped reading Hellblazer many years ago. Due to unfortunate events, I had decided to watch the movie again. Yes, the one with the guy from Point Break not named Swazye. For as much as I had been upset at the fact that Reeves was cast as a British con-man, I loved the movie! After watching the movie again, I had started to think about the comic. What happened to John? Why did I stop reading it? Why am I am asking so many questions to myself? I got off my arse and got to picking up some back issues. Actually that is not completely true. I stayed firmly planted on my arse as I looked for back issues on the computer.
I have been re-reading old issues and have started to read the newer issue. I feel that my comic reading has taken a turn for the best. I have been wondering what I had been missing from my monthly list. Now I know. John, we are stuck with each other. Deal with it!

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